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Welcome to the Village of Peoria Heights. We are so happy to have new residents in the Village. We are sure you will find Peoria Heights a great place to live and do business. Listed below you will find information that will make your transition to the community easier.

Garbage Collection

The Village has contracted G&O Disposal for its residential waste collection. You do not receive a bill for this service; it is included in your property tax bill. The Village also has a landscape waste (grass clippings, tree branches and trimmings) collection that begins in April and ends in the beginning of December. Landscape waste must be placed in paper bags or containers. Those residents living south of Glen and west of Prospect will have landscape waste pickup every other Friday. Residents living north of Glen and east of Prospect (including Galena Road area) receive landscape waste collection every other Saturday. Please see the schedule below for specific dates.

For schedules of regular refuse collection, please see the above map or call (309) 742-4177. All questions regarding your service should be directed to G&O Disposal at the above phone number.

Sewer Bills

Sewer bills are handled by the Greater Peoria Sanitary District. They are completely separate from the Village. You would need to call (309) 637-3511 for billing and questions.

Water Department

To sign up for water service, you need to bring proof of ownership documents (document with buyer and seller's name on it) to the Water Office at 4901 N. Prospect Road. The deposit for water service is $35. Once this is completed, your water service will be in effect. Water bills are issued quarterly and are due on the 10th of the month after issued. Questions regarding water service or billing should be directed to (309) 686-2375.

Sales Tax

Sales Tax Rate for the Village of Peoria Heights is 8.25 %


  • Municipal Tax 1.50%
  • State 6.25%
  • County .50 %

Food and Beverage Tax 10.25 %


Peoria Animal Welfare Shelter

The Peoria County Animal Protection Services handles all questions or complaints pertaining to animals in the Village. They will be glad to assist you regarding tag requirements, license and complaints. Their phone number is (309) 672-2440.

Contact us for Village related issues such as public safety or public works.

For other local services:

1(888) 789-2477

Bldg-Electrical Inspector/Code Enforcement Officer Bldg-Electrical Inspector/Code Enforcement Officer
(309) 686-2388

Bradley University local University

Chamber of Commerce commerce and business

Comcast cable
1(866) 886-6838

Eagle Enterprises recycling vendor for the Village
1(888) 932-2936

Fire Dept. (Non-Emergency No.) Fire Chief Greg Walters
(309) 682-4217 (Non-Emergency No.)

G & O Disposal residential & commercial waste & garbage hauler
(309) 742-4177

Greater Peoria Sanitary District sewer service
(309) 637-3511

Peoria Animal Welfare Shelter Animal Welfare
(309) 494-8911

Peoria Heights Public Library Library
(309) 682-5578

Peoria Heights School District #325 Superintendent Eric Heath 
(309) 686-8800

Police Dept. (Non-Emergency No.) Chief of Police Dustin Sutton
(309) 688-3461 (Non-Emergecny No.)

Post Office
(309) 692-9816

Tower Park Ticket Booth
(309) 682-8732 Ticket Booth

Village Administration Administrator Matt Fick
(309) 686-2385

Village Mayor's Office Mayor Michael E. Phelan 
(309) 686-2373 (Village No.) {modal email-form?}{/modal}





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We're sure you'll find Peoria Heights a great place to live and do business.  Be sure to check out Departments & Offices for information about public services as well as Community Resources for helpful information in contacting local utility companies.  And, if you still have questions, feel free to contact Administration for help.