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Update from Waterworks Regarding the Meter Replacement Program

Mandatory Water Meter Replacement

The Village of Peoria Heights will be replacing and upgrading water meters over the next several years. If your neighborhood will be getting new meters this year, you will receive a letter from Ferguson Waterworks. This letter provides specific information and guidance regarding the meter replacement program. Please contact Ferguson via the information provided in the letter to schedule an appointment.

    • The Village will need to gain access to the water meter inside your home to replace your old meter with the new meter.
    • The installation process typically requires 30 minutes, and there is no cost to the customer for this meter change-out.
    • The Village has contracted Ferguson Waterworks to schedule meter installation appointments. These appointments must be scheduled via Ferguson.
    • The installers are Peoria Heights Public Works employees and will be identifiable as such.
  • If a residence does not schedule an appointment after receiving 3 notices, water service will be discontinued as a last resort. At this point, please contact the water office at 309-686-2375 to avoid this inconvenience.


Kyle M. Smith, Director of Public Works

Kyle Smith


Public Works Crew

Mark Gauf
Mark Gauf
Equipment Operator
Mike  Casey
Mike Casey
Scott Shoop
Scott Shoop
Zach Wilson
Zach Wilson
Chris Chandler
Chris Chandler
Water Operator
TJ Bishoff
T.J. Bishoff
Dave Marfell
Dave Marfell
Water Operator

Waterworks Office

4901 N. Prospect Road, Peoria Heights, IL 61616
Phone: (309) 686-2375 Fax: (309) 686-2387

Water Account Tech: Emily Smesrud
Emily Smesrud



The Village has alternate engineering services.


Streets Foreman - Michael Casey

The Streets Department oversees the Annual Seal Coat Program (black rock), milling bituminous overlay, pot hole patching and repair (both cold patch and hot mix asphalt patching).  The Annual Sidewalk Repacement work is completed on a contractual basis.


Did you know ...
The average daily water usage of Peoria Heights is 800,000 gallons.

Water Billing & Collection

The Village of Peoria Heights bills for water services in units of 1,000 gallons of water. The current charges are as follows:

Water Minimum

  • Resident Step rate up to 6,000 gal/$56.41
  • Business Step rate up to 3,000 gal/$25.11



The Infrastructure Maintenance Fee is a $5 monthly fee to help maintain and repair our water infrastructure. It is listed on the water bill as INF.

The average bill is difficult to estimate because water consumption habits vary greatly from household to household.

Water bills are issued quarterly and are due on the 10th of the month after issued. Bills that are delinquent after the 10th of the month are assessed a late payment penalty of 10% on the amount due for water usage. A shut-off notice is sent indicating that the service will be terminated if the balance is not paid in full. A lien may also be placed on the property in accordance with Village ordinance.

We are pleased to report that our drinking water is safe and meets or exceeds Federal and State requirements.

pdfPeoria Heights Annual Water Consumer Confidence Report

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