Peoria Heights Village Hall

4901 N Prospect Rd
Peoria Heights, IL

Phone (309) 686-2385
Fax (309) 686-2379

Hours M-F 8am-5pm


Dustin Sutton
Village Administrator

Phone (309) 686-2385


Sarah Witbracht
Administrative Secretary

Phone (309) 686-2385


Stephanie Turner
Village Bookeeper

Phone (309) 686-2380

The Administration Department has oversight over all revenue collections and expenditure payment, which comprise the Village $4,000,000 annual budget. This Department also serves the central information center for the Village, collects water payments, issues miscellaneous licenses and permits, processes work orders for public services and administrators municipal business of the Village. The Department is responsible for the following activities:

  • Billing and Collection

  • Building/Electrical Permits (1)

  • Code Enforcement (2)

  • Cash Management

  • Financial Reporting & Management

  • Information Systems

  • Liquor/Amusement Licenses

  • Payroll/Human Resource

  • Personnel/Municipal Ordinances

  • Planning Commission Support

  • Preparation of Budget/Levy

  • Purchasing & Disbursements

  • Risk Management and Regulatory Compliance

  • Zoning Office

(1) Perform inspection work in securing and maintaining substantial compliance with codes governing residential and commercial building trades such as, but not limited to: building, electrical and mechanical; review plans and subsequent inspection of buildings in the course of construction, alterations, or repair, to determine if plans, workmanship, and materials, conform with all existing code requirements.

(2) Performs inspections, investigations, and resolves violations of the Village Housing codes, including grass exceeding 10"; RVs, boats, or trailers, parked on streets or in front yards; litter/garbage container regulations.