Waste Disposal

The Village of Peoria Heights has contracted G&O Disposal for all of its residential waste collection.

Regular Waste Collection

Regular residential waste collection occurs on a weekly basis.

Please refer to the waste collection map below for your scheduled day.

Recycling Waste Collection

Recycling waste is picked up every other week on the same day as your regular residential waste schedule.
If you do not already have a tote, please call G&O Disposal to have one delivered.

Landscape Waste Collection

Landscape waste (grass clippings, tree branches and trimmings) collection begins in April and ends in the beginning of December. Landscape waste must be placed in paper bags or containers.
Residents living south of Glen and west of Prospect receive landscape waste collection every other Friday.
Residents living north of Glen and east of Prospect (including the Galena Road area) receive landscape waste collection every other Saturday.


All questions regarding any of these services should be directed to G&O Disposal at (309) 742-4177.


Waste Disposal Fee FAQs

Why am I getting charged for garbage?

The Village had been able to provide free waste disposal service for its residents for more than 20 years. Due to inflation, the cost to pay for waste disposal had increased until it was more than 11% of the total budget. To help offset increased costs and to further reduce the budget deficit, the Board of Trustees voted to impose a $10/month waste disposal fee.

I thought it was paid through my property taxes; why is there a bill for this service?

The Village receives less than a nickel per dollar paid in property tax. Of that, slightly more than three cents must be contributed to the police pension fund by law. That leaves the Village with about one cent per dollar taxed to pay for all the services the Village provides (police officers, public works, street and sidewalk repairs, fire department and emergency services). This money represents only 3% of our budgeted expenses.  

Is there any assistance program for senior citizens?

Because the Board of Trustees was worried about the impact on our elderly residents on a fixed income, those residents registered for the senior freeze property tax exemption with the County will pay $5/month.


What about the INF charge on my water bill? Why is there another fee being added?

The infrastructure maintenance fee was created in August 2014 to fund large infrastructure projects for the Peoria Heights Waterworks. Peoria Heights Waterworks is a subsidiary of the Village of Peoria Heights as a municipal owned utility. It does not receive any tax dollars and operates solely on water bill revenues. The money the utility receives is kept separate from the money the Village receives as a government. As such, Peoria Heights Waterworks lacked the cash reserves to fund necessary infrastructure repairs. Since 2014, Peoria Heights Waterworks has used the INF charge to complete numerous repairs and improvements to the water system. The waste disposal charge will be used to offset municipal expenses and will be transferred to the general operating fund for the Village.