Building / Construction

Adoption of 2006 IBC IRC 2008 NEC
Ord. 2011-1359

Building & Electrical Permit Fees
Ord. 2005-1249


Regulation of Burning
Ord. 1991-1053


Updates Schedule of Penalties
Ord. 2015-1428


Regulate the Sale of Alcoholic Liquor
Ord. 2004-1225

Creating Class G and H Liquor License
Ord. 2011-1342

Regulating Number of Licenses
Ord. 2013-1386

Amending Liquor Code
Ord. 2014-1416


Regulate Sale of Tobacco Products
Ord. 1997-1111

Child Curfew
Ord. 1997-1112

Regulation of Truancy
Ord. 1999-1149


Non-Reportable Traffic Violations
Ord. 1999-1141

Parking Regulations & Fines
Ord. 2003-1213

Regulate Parking on Private Property & Streets
Ord. 2006-1270

Amending Ord. 2005-1251 (Tow Fees)
Ord. 2008-1303

Parking Restrictions
Schedule P


Adopting Peoria County Animal Control Regulations
Ord. 2016-1463

Prevailing Wage

A Prevailing Wage
Ord. 2015-1449

Ord. 2018-1557

        Current Rates


Prohibits Parking / Storing Disable Vehicles
Ord. 1991-1055

Regulating Offensive Noises
Ord. 1994-1084

Regulate Nuisances
Ord. 1999-1156

Regulate & Eliminate Weeds
Ord. 2002-1201

Landlord Registration
Ord. 2018-1561

Standards For Residential Housing
Ord. 2018-1562

Waste Disposal

Regulate Disposal of Waste & Litter
Ord. 1991-1054

Regulate the Disposal of Waste
Ord. 2006-1271

Amend Ord. 2006-1271
Ord. 2007-1283


Zoning Ordinance Updating Penalties
Ord. 2013-1393

Amending Zoning Code Medical Cannabis
Ord. 2013-1397

Amending Definitions
Ord. 2014-1410

Adding Section 5.6 Swimming Pool
Ord. 2014-1411

Procedures for Special Use
Ord. 2014-1412

Site Plan Approval
Ord. 2014-1413

Amending Section 5.4 Yards
Ord. 2014-1415

Peoria Heights Sign Code
Ord. 2015-1450

Zoning Ordinance (with amendments)

The Village Code and all Ordinances are available at Village Hall.

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