Illinois Rural Water Association 2019 Water System of the Year!


Congratulations to the Peoria Heights Waterworks Department on receiving the Illinois Rural Water Association’s 2019 Water System of the Year award. This award was presented at the IRWA’s Annual Technical Conference in Effingham, IL on February 19th by Frank Dunmire, Executive Director of the Illinois Rural Water Association. Accepting the award were: Dave Marfell, Superintendent of Water; and Water Operators Mark Gauf and Chris Chandler.

 “Our unique topography creates a complex challenge to provide potable drinking water to all our citizens. All members of the public works department strive to maintain the system and provide a personal customer service experience. I am proud to accept this award on behalf of the Peoria Heights Public Works Department.”  -Dave Marfell, Superintendent of Water

Freezing Temps Are Here...Be Prepared!


Did you know that your interior pipes can freeze?

Here are some helpful tips:

  1. Locate and insulate pipes in or near exterior walls or unheated interior spaces (attics, basements, garages.)

  2. Locate and exercise shut-off valves leading to the water meter.

  3. Let cold water drip from a faucet served by exposed pipes to prevent freezing during cold snaps.

  4. Keep the heat no lower than 55° F or winterize the pipes if you’re planning to be away during cold weather.

Looks like shoveling is, yet again, in our future!


Have you seen the forecast for this weekend? Looks like shoveling is, yet again, in our future. Ever wonder why the snow plows always seem to pile snow right back at the edge of your driveway or sidewalk after all your hard work clearing it? Here are some tips from the pros to help decrease the amount of snow you have to clear:

  • Move those cars! The roadways are plowed curb to curb to allow traffic to flow in each direction and for on street parking. If possible, move cars to off-street parking before a big snow, or as soon as possible afterwards. This will limit the amount of secondary plow backs that have to be completed in the hours and days following.

  • Throw the snow into your yard. When shoveling or snow-blowing your sidewalks or the edge of your driveway, throw the snow into the yard. This will create less snow that will be pushed back onto your sidewalk or driveway when the snow plows are clearing the roads.

  • Clear sidewalks to allow safe passage for pedestrians and children.


We hope these tips help everyone with their shoveling adventures! Let it snow, let it snow!

A Heights Christmas

A Heights Christmas.jpg

SANTA’S SCHEDULE, on December the 1st, for It’s a Wonderful Heights!!

 2:00pm- @ Whole Life Solutions : Friendly Sensory-Sensitive Visit with Santa and Mrs. Claus; All Ages Welcome!

 3:00pm- @ Trefzger’s Bakery: Sharing Cookies and Milk with Santa and Mrs. Claus Beside the Fireplace!

 4:00pm- @ I Know You Like a Book- Classic Story Time and Book Raffle with Santa!

 4:30-5:30pm: Santa will be strolling the business district while doing his holiday shopping! If you spot him, capture/snap/take a #selfiewithsanta and post to our Facebook page and Instagram!

 6:00pm – @ Tower Park: Christmas Carol Sing-Along and Ceremonial Tree Lighting

The 5th Annual "Gold Baseball Giveaway"

Gold Baseball.jpg

The Peoria Chiefs and Local Law Enforcement are kicking off the 5th annual "Gold baseball giveaway". Peoria Heights Police Officers will be patrolling the streets looking for children 12 and under who are seen doing "good deeds " around the community., IE: riding their bikes correctly on the streets, playing nicely in the parks or just good kids they see outside. The Gold baseballs are good for two free admission tickets to the August 25, 2018 game. The game is at 7pm, and after the child redeems the ball for 2 tickets, he or she gets to keep the gold ball!! Good Luck Kids!!

Open to the Public: ARISS contact w/ International Space Station on Monday morning!

2018 STEM.jpg

Here is the schedule for the ARISS contact with the International Space Station on Monday morning.

9:00am Peoria Heights High School gym doors open.

9:00am – 9:30am STEM activities for students of all ages including:
Caterpillar - Virtual Reality Mars Environment
Caterpillar - Team Argos winning First Robotics robot  
U of I Extension – design you own mission patch
U of I Extension – astronauts’ gloves activity
U of I Extension – marble roller coaster
General STEM activities that are not space related

9:30am Introduction of special guests.

9:35am ARISS (Amateur Radio on the International Space Station) video.

9:45am Local Astronaut Hall of Famer Scott Altman Skypes in to talk to the audience.

10:05am Video about Serena Aunon-Chancellor (the astronaut we will be taking to).

10:10am Short break.

10:25am Everyone seated for the amateur radio contact with the International Space Station.

10:35am – 10:45am Twelve local students talk to astronaut Serena Aunon-Chancellor.