Looks like shoveling is, yet again, in our future!


Have you seen the forecast for this weekend? Looks like shoveling is, yet again, in our future. Ever wonder why the snow plows always seem to pile snow right back at the edge of your driveway or sidewalk after all your hard work clearing it? Here are some tips from the pros to help decrease the amount of snow you have to clear:

  • Move those cars! The roadways are plowed curb to curb to allow traffic to flow in each direction and for on street parking. If possible, move cars to off-street parking before a big snow, or as soon as possible afterwards. This will limit the amount of secondary plow backs that have to be completed in the hours and days following.

  • Throw the snow into your yard. When shoveling or snow-blowing your sidewalks or the edge of your driveway, throw the snow into the yard. This will create less snow that will be pushed back onto your sidewalk or driveway when the snow plows are clearing the roads.

  • Clear sidewalks to allow safe passage for pedestrians and children.


We hope these tips help everyone with their shoveling adventures! Let it snow, let it snow!