Village Hall Hours & Winter Weather Tips


Due to extremely cold temperatures and for the safety of our employees, Village Hall will be closed on Wednesday, January 30. Emergency services will still be available.


Cold Weather Safety Tips:

  1. Keep a faucet dripping and open cabinets where plumbing is located to help prevent frozen pipes. Know where the interior water shut-off valve is located in case pipes freeze and/or burst. If pipes do freeze, turn off the main shut-off valve and use a hair dryer to thaw them.

  2. Keep the furnace set at a constant temperature slightly higher than usual. Furnaces will struggle to reheat if interior temperatures decrease too much.

  3. If at all possible, do not go outside as frostbite can set in in under 5 minutes. Cover all exposed skin and wear multiple layers. Cover your mouth to protect your lungs from extreme cold.

  4. If travel is necessary, bring an emergency kit with jumper cables, blankets, food, water, a container of sand or kitty litter, phone charger, flashlight, and batteries.